Toilet Engaged

WTF is it with South West Trains and toilets?

I often have cause to return to sunny Bracknell from London late at night, and usually this means much to drink so the toilet on the train is kind of essential. The journey is an hour long.

But they often have all 4 toilets on the train marked "Toilet Engaged" and the door shut. This seems a tad unlikely.

Its a lie. Push hard on the door and find nobody in there!

So, I have to wonder. Do SWT have something to gain (or costs to save) by this lie? If they do that is criminal fraud under the Fraud act. If they do not then clearly they are not acting in the best interests of the shareholders meaning they may be comitting a criminal offence under the Companies Act (I think). I wonder which it is.

Anyway, FYI, the doors are easy enough to just push open if you try.


  1. Perhaps they don't want drunks falling asleep in there?
    Or even more nefarious activities going on!

  2. I wonder what you'd be charged with if there really was somebody in the loo and you'd forced your way in!

  3. Sounds like they're trying to save on the cleaning contract - keep the toilets closed, they don't need cleaning.

  4. I know this is a very very old post, but I had the same experience, so I asked the conductor/guard/ticket collector/train manager, whatever they're called (this was also on SWT). The system does that automagically if the sewage tank's full apparently

  5. http://www.plumbingquestionsandanswers.com/2010/02/my-kohler-toilet-will-not-stop-running.html?showComment=1581850669651#c7709208853528936546


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