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The OFCOM consultation on appeals for copyright infringement notices talks of a case where "The ISP and CO are unable to demonstrate" that the IP is the subscriber's, etc.

This seems to make a huge presumption - that the ISP will even be present at an appeal, but more importantly that as an ISP we would be acting on the side of the copyright owner?

I am not sure I will be acting for a copyright owner at an appeal - why should I?
Why should I even be there? Its a dispute between two other parties!

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  1. How about every time the copyright holder asks for data on a customer send it with 2048bit encryption?

    When they ask for the key say "no, sorry that is a trade secret, but feel free to decrypt it on your own time" or perhaps see if it is covered by some other data protection law?

    For instance would the CO be able to prove that the data would not pass over border to non data protection act conformant countries? I mean even an office in a different country could give you a suitable defense?


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