When someone starts hassling my 14 year old daughter with calls and texts I do not take it lightly.

The A&A VoIP system now has a feature to allow blacklisting individual numbers. It will go live soon with a web interface. The behind the scenes bits work now, so if you need this please do ask.

The system allows a number of responses from number unobtainable tone, busy, ringing out, to allowing the call but recording it for evidence and emailing a specific address.


  1. Don't forget to block 0800 328 9393 ;-)

    Ever since I sacked "Our Fave Telco" they've been hanging on the line trying hard to get the business back (even though I make zero chargeable calls on it).

  2. one of my sip providers doesnt show any kind of clid or if it does its somewhere in bulgaria ! .... want us to stalk that number? ;)

  3. It's also a misuse of the telecommunications network, so allegedly the police should be interested, not that they ever are.

    On a mobile it's a good way to get a new number, annoyingly that inconveniences the victim more than the stalker/harrasser but it is sadly all you can expect from most mobile phone companys.

    You could always divert calls from the stalker to yourself, I'm sure you'd like to give him/her a nice polite word in their shell-like :-)

  4. We did not bother the police this time.

    Given that the nuisance callers number is on my blog, we suspect he will be the one that has the inconvenience of having to change his number instead.

    The per caller blocking feature is nice though and I am sure others will find it useful.

  5. oh that's evil, :-) I like it...

    I imagined that you'd edited the image to show a invalid number.

    I like it.

  6. Nope, that is the real number.
    As data controller my daughter and I have no way to identify a living individual from that number alone, so I cannot see it being a DPA issue to publish it.

  7. I seem to remember you having an enormous VoIP spamtrap. Once you've conferenced the spammers together, place a call to the number and bridge them in.

    And then post the recordings.

  8. quote: The per caller blocking feature is nice though and I am sure others will find it useful.

    I know youve moved away from asterisk but thats one of the reasons I use a s/w pbx ... I have total control over who rings or gets through

    (coldcaller scum are about the same level as stalkers grrr)

    I wrote my own pseudo 1471 macro with extra functions like blacklisting the last caller or creating a shortcut for the last caller etc

    in this case blacklisting would be the option chosen

    this stalker must be dim! the very same clid technology which allowed him/her to see your daughter's number is used to trace him/her ... d'oh!

    hope you don't get any more trouble from that rogue caller

  9. Would it not be worth "losing" a few quid with a BulkSMS service, you know the ones that are "questionably ethical" and dropping him (say) 1000 SMS messages in one go?

    Childish I know, but enormously satisfying.

  10. Love to see what a phone would do if you managed to drop an obscene number of messages onto it... probably crap itself and fall over!


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