Really unimpressed with Bellagio now

So the wifi is broken because they appear to be allowing people to send IPv6 RAs on the LAN causing my machine to pick up an IPv6 (2002: prefix) and then having no routing.

What is really annoying is I have complained 3 days in a row now and not one reply!

How can they just ignore complaints from paying guests?

Crap service.


  1. Because they don't understand it and other people probably don't notice it.

    Just fire up your own DHCP server or arp spoof their network and be "part of the problem" or break it entirely, forcing a technical person to come to the hotel and speak to them :>

  2. I'd hazard a guess that they're running one large broadcast domain, and while their kit might understand how to control ARP and DHCP, it's never heard of IPv6, so just passes it silently - not even logging it for diagnostics.

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 boxes configured to use Internet Connection Sharing (possibly set up by someone's kid so that they can use their non-WiFi XBox in the hotel room) always send RAs, even if they have no onwards IPv6 connectivity (office network has been broken by exactly this setup on a salesman's laptop - but I have port mirroring and tcpdump to track the beggar down).

    Net result is what you're seeing - non-functional IPv6 addresses, and broken connectivity. It'll only get worse as more sites enable IPv6.

  3. Presumably other people will notice, if they are running an OS that supports IPv6 by default. I haven't tried it, but don't modern versions of Windows attempt to use IPv6 if they receive router advertisements?

    These people won't know what the problem is, but they will certainly get frustrated. Every time they try to connect to a website, they will have to wait until the IPv6 connection times out, and the system attempts IPv4 instead.

  4. You know you're a geek when...you're staying at the Bellagio but the leaking IPv6 RAs are really getting to you.


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