Busy day

Well, some bug hunting as is always fun on a Saturday. Tracked a silly problem on the new DNS caching forwarder code. Thanks to carl for testing. New Fb code released, and looking pretty good.

LINX being ill again, but hopefully that will be sorted soon.

And I have talks coming up, at least 2 over the next 6 weeks and maybe 3.
Seems I am the person to ask for a talk on IPv6...

Maybe BT on 18th Jan, UKNOF on 20th Jan, and Reading Uni on 24th Feb. So been busy making slides up today...

I'll have to start charging at this rate :-)


  1. Do make sure you check for any of the common DNS forwarder bugs mentioned in RFC 5625...

  2. Indeed. We are caching forwarder - trusting the recursive resolver but caching replies as well. But yes, that RFC has many things to be careful of :-)

    Given we needed an internal caching resolver anyway that seemed sensible.

  3. are you thinking of running any ipv6 courses like the old ip4 ones you did ?


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