It will get more fun!

Classic one this morning - someone calling saying "That IP block is not working, it is going to Düsseldorf"

Well, I trace and it works, and I trace from London and it works, and I am told "no, it is definitely going to Düsseldorf"..

I even ssh to his box and trace and it is fine.

Finally we do a screen and I do a trace, and he is "but that is different to when I do it"...

So final step - get him to do the trace while I watch on his box using screen...

And yep, his trace goes via Düsseldorf, and does not get to where it should.

Fortunately one of us is on the ball and I carefully explain that a legacy IP address starting 91.155... is not the same as a legacy IP address starting 90.155...

Imagine how fun this will be when someone is typing in a long string of hex.

I am so glad we are all working on auto-config and the like so nobody has to see IP addresses any more. It will mean the new Internet will be simpler than the old.


  1. hehe ipv4 is legacy now ... I agree!!

  2. My speciality with "old" internet address is putting them in backwards when I've taken them from domain names that incorporate the IP address in reverse and then wondering why they are routing to japan or anywhere...

    It's easier with IPv6 at the moment at least as they all mostly start with 2001 at the moment.

  3. Wait until people Start setting up DNS AAAA records pointing to their IPv6 address that they found out from one of those "What's my IP" type sites than wondering why it suddenly stops working.

    Thanks to Windows's default where it uses "Temporary" Ipv6 addresses for outgoing traffic.
    (Not sure if that's the case DHCPv6 though, is when using ND)


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