Three shop and SoGA

Intesting conversation in the three shop in Bracknell.

They seem to think unlocking a phone invalidates the warranty. Ha. It was not unlocked though...

However, what is more fun is that it is a phone, under 6 months old, with a charging fault, and they are refusing to replace it.

We had this with carphone warehouse, and sued them.
Seems we'll have to do the same with the three store.

I get sick of this.

Ha, we were discussing this loudly outside their store, and posting on irc, twitter, blog, facebook, and so on, and they only called the police. Thankfully the police were not interested.

Daft thing is, since our SIMs working 3 PAYG phones we have spent thousands in that very shop. Why create such bad publicity?


  1. That'll be because they rely on the customers/public being ignorant and subservient rather than their staff actually having a working knowledge of what their legal obligations are...

    In most cases they get away with it because they're right the public are ignorant and don't want to cause a scene...

  2. Three told me a button falling off my phone in the second month month of a contract was "as designed" because "phones are like toothbrushes" not too long ago. They also were only inches away from calling me a liar too.

    In the end I paid for the repair upfront and then discussed my chances of success in a small claims track with them, after which my account got credited for the cost of the repair pretty quickly, but no appology or anything like that.

    Still with Three though beause all the others seem to be cut from the same cookie cutter. We're hoping to switch to A&A mobile when the contracts come up for renewal next though.

  3. Shocking, what did they tell the police you were doing anyway?

  4. It wasn't that clear! I may sure I told the police what they were doing. I should have checked if there were criminal penalties for failure to adhere to the SoGA, and if so that could have made it an arrestable offence.

  5. No such thing as arrestable offence any more, its unlikely that any of the commotion fell under sec24 and as no one was likely to come to harm or do a bunk :-), I can imagine the custody sgt..


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