WoW not IPv6

Well, lots of talk on mailing lists and so on, and I got the impression it was greyed out on mine because it runs under wine... But it seems the official comment is:-

Q: "Now that there is an option to use IPv6 addresses in World of Warcraft"

A: "No there isn't, it's just there for future use.  There will be an announcement when it's ready but don't expect it soon."

Stop buggering about Blizzard!!!


  1. It seems a particularly boneheaded move. All the good PR they got for announcing they implemented ipv6 can backfire as actually they both didn't implement ipv6, and lied about the fact that they had - all they've done is stuck a greyed out checkbox in the UI,

    Why did they even bother? If they're going to put greyed out checkboxes for things they haven't implemented yet can we expect a 'Ponies' checkbox in the next version?

  2. I too was mystified as to why it was greyed out until I checked the in-game help.

    Now I wonder if Blizzard can be persuaded to add an achievement and nice reward for connecting with IPv6 to encourage take up...

  3. If they launched the IPv6 back-end before they had a client, wouldn't everyone just say that was lame too?

    There is a serious chicken-and-egg problem with moving to IPv6, and lambasting people for doing the bits they can when they can is not helpful.

    Can A&A supply a working IPv6 ADSL router yet?

  4. Yes, of course we can, in various different forms, it is simply a matter of cost.

    What makes no sense is a greyed out option and none of the realms having IPv6. Make the box work, I.e. Try IPv6 for any realm that has AAAA. Make one realm at least have IPv6, even if only a test one.

    Don't just launch a greyed out box! That is indeed lame.


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