Got dragged to BasingradBasingstoke to go shopping. I am sure they would have rather just taken my wallet than myself. Sadly my son needed a black suit for next Friday as is the convention for such events. £250 later he has a black suit and trousers and a white shirt so will be fine. Its is not like he knew his great Aunt anyway.

They have an Apple shop there now - that could have got very expensive, but I stood my ground. Though the staff did like the Orc engraved on my ipad2...

However the whole thing has ended with my having one more shopping task. One I am unsure of. I have to find a leather or cloth type of robe suitable for a Level 12 hunter that does not look like a fucking dress for my step daughters WoW character...

I'm now off to the Ironforge auction house to try my luck.
I think I would have done better in Basingrad.


  1. One of the following?


  2. My wife suggests the 'battered leather harness'..



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