Flakey broadband back-haul lately?

It can't have escaped people's notice that there is something up. It seems to me that our favourite telco have some serious issues at the moment.

We are seeing a noticeable number of "blips" affecting a whole metro node at a time - e.g. a blip this afternoon taking out Edinburgh 20CN BRASs and FK and GW 21CN BRASs.

We also see that they have a lot of planned work taking a few hours over night. This in itself is odd as they should have redundancy. After all they did lots of planned work a few years ago to add redundancy.

We also have a case now where Faraday node has packet loss in the evenings (since the weekend), affecting 20CN and 21CN, and they have yet to even raise an incident reference over a day after reporting it. This suggests they have some serious congestion, but it seems to have started when they did some planned work.

We also have a case where a 20CN exchange has "hot VPs", i.e. congested back-haul, and they are refusing to fix it until the end of May. They also refusing to keep the fault open even.

All of these are issues that affect everyone using the same back-haul provider - which is a lot of ISPs.

It is all a tad worrying - I'll try and find more about what is happening, and if I can I'll post details here.


  1. Don't forget the VC regrades and 21CN/ADSL2+ migrations which cause the BRAS to report the wrong line rate.

  2. Not just Faraday, seeing packet loss in the evenings on my RAS


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