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Seems several people posted that @stephenfry should get @aaisp. I can only assume he is pissed off with current ISP.

So I pondered - why would he? Apart from that fact he is smart, can afford us, and is one of the coolest "celebs" I know of...

I was wondering what I really should try and pin down as A&As values.

Obviously, for a start, being open and honest. If we screw up, we say so, and we say what the hell we are doing to stop it happening next time. I cannot see any point not being open and honest. That is how my mind tends to work. We have a clear "no bullshit" policy across the whole company.

We also have a technical angle to the service - doing it right technically. Proper 1500 byte MTU. Proper native IPv6. Delegating reverse DNS for IPs. Heck! Proper IP address assignments to end users. Internet like it was designed.

I would hope our technical support people are all up to the job, but I am sure Stephen can manage the "shibboleet" test if needs be, and be transferred to one of the many people that know more than 2 programming languages.

We also believe in free speech - we just pass packets and have no reason to snoop on them, but have no reason to let .gov.uk snoop on them either. And we have no reason to tinker with, or filter, anyone's packets. Some of the laws on this are plain wrong, or more to the point - some of the way the laws are implemented is wrong.

Having said that, we do register details properly in RIPE for the IP block, and Nominet for domains. We do respect people wishing to have details reduced or concealed if they want, though.

We also expect customers to be honest and up front as well. We don't like being messed about. For the most part all a customer has to do is pay on time. But if there is a problem we want customers to be honest with us. We also want customers to understand what we have promised, and what we have not. We stand by our reputation.

So, I see no reason for @stephenfry not to take our service - and welcome him as we do every one of our valued customers. Happy to answer any questions he has. @TheRealRevK

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  1. actually I find I dont have to use *shibboleet* in the irc ....

    using *staff* works to get me support from 3+ prog language users not just 2 ;)

    come on over @stephenfry the intertubes are lovely over here :)


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