They need to protect us from this!

From http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ we see:-

Unsolicited pornographic DVDs in the post

Well, obviously the Royal Mail need a default opt-in adult content filtering in place for this - it is just not good enough - my kids could open the post unsupervised and play these DVDs. They should open every parcel and letter and check it is not porn in there. Why is the Royal Mail allowing this? I did not opt-in for the porn version of post did I? The government need to force all postal carriers to filter the mail NOW!!!!

OK, Daily Mail mode off now...

I wonder why this is happening - perhaps someone is trying to make a point. It wasn't me, honest!


  1. And of course the RM are experts at doing things with post, so it can't be beyond them to sort this, can it...?

    1. Well, they seem to have filters for when people send cheques to us :-)

  2. Well, if it leads to junk mail actually getting regulated it might be a good thing... (Says me, sick of the regular junk mail from Virgin Media which is addressed to "The Occupier" specifically so you can't opt out...)

    1. Steve apparently you can have junk not deliverd
      but you have to ask the PO to only deliver stuff specifically to your name
      or so I've heard, I'm investigating tomorrow, will feed back

    2. Interesting... Everything I've read on the subject has said that you can demand an individual company stop sending mail personally addressed to you, and you can demand that the post office stop delivering unaddressed mail (mail with no address at all on it) (*), but mail that has an address but a generic name such as "the occupier" can't be stopped as the post office consider it to be "addressed" and the law regarding businesses sending mail regards it as "unaddressed".

      (* And no, the post office pay absolutely no attention to this opt-out. Apparently they just verbally tell the postie, who obviously isn't going to remember and so ignores the instruction).

  3. It's a good technique for presenting the basics of the subject in a way that even politicians can understand. Attempting to start making bad law before passing your Basic Internet Literacy Test could be made much less common.

  4. From actionfraud website:
    "These DVDs are personally addressed to householders, but have arrived out of the blue and were not ordered or requested in any way.
    Recipients who load the DVD are asked on screen to text or call a premium rate phone number to unsubscribe, or to get a PIN to unlock the content. The call to the premium rate phone number costs on average about £10."

    Quite smart... pay if you want to see them, or pay if you want to stop receiving them... wait what about I just bin them? Obviously already paying far more that £10/month for that (but you are probably putting children at risk if they are scavenging your bins)


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