Race to the bottom

Update: TalkTalk really are trying - and this looks like a case of a discussion point on this one line rather than a more general policy, so stand down the panic for now... Let's talk to them!

Latest from TalkTalk - if the broadband service they sell us gets a fault, their side of the agreed demarcation point (e.g. in the line itself), they will not even try and fix it, but will decide that they can no longer provide the service.

So get a fault - fix by ceasing the service.

I guess that is one way to stitch up your customer!

Well done TalkTalk - you are sinking lower than BT Wholesale now.

Update: We may be making some progress on this, so no need for everyone to ask us to move them back to BT just yet, but thanks to those that did ask. I do hope that we will soon have more sensible ways of working with both providers.


  1. That is most alarming and just after you'd lavished great praise on TalkTalk in your previous blog (The Plot Thickens) to boot. Does this mean transferring us customers en masse to BT backhaul, or just on an ad hoc basis where an individual line develops a fault that they refuse to fix? A significant reason I came to A&A was to avoid BT and their DLM.

  2. Not sure what else they can do - the Openreach MPF is sold as "suitable for voice and 28k8 data only - all else is at your own risk". Given that they've tried running it fast, and it's failed, what can they do?

    1. Well, just had this long discussion here with a mate, and yes, it is rate adaptive. But also there are cases that are an actual "fault" and can be fixed by sending a man to fix it.


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