The smug is strong with this one

So, finally, after much banking mishaps, my son has his car, and he looks suitable smug...

Just to be clear, that is not his plate, as that would be way more expensive than the car, but that is the car he has, at last.

Of course, we have a chat group for the kids, and my youngest puts her foot in it (possibly deliberately) :-

So now we are thinking they need a model with cream driver's seat and brown passenger's seat!

Needless to say he is excited over his new expensive toy.


  1. I'm surprised a Tesla dealer was so restrictive and awkward about the payment methods they would accept. I always thought that would be the preserve of the older more luddite car brands.

    Will be interesting to hear real-world experiences of the Tesla ownership experience. While there are good motoring journalists publishing reviews I am sure many of them are influenced by the manufacturers. I doubt yours will be.

    Never touched one, but isn't the Tesla essentially a computer with wheels? Whereas all other brands are a car with an onboard computer? How long before you reverse-engineer and "tweak" some part of it?

  2. That car will totally have an SVG speedometer graph within the first month.

  3. the dashboard displays (both the giant "ipad" type one and the one behind the steering wheel) are just open unsecured x displays - so open up the console and tap into the car's ethernet and you can display whatever you want on them...

  4. Ohhh you should have mentioned it was Tesla. Yes they're a nightmare to pay money to. They bank with Chase who aren't a member of FPS and for no apparent reason everything's handled by staff in the Netherlands which means it can take them days to realise a payment has arrived.

    Glad it all worked out...

    And I'd suggest he take a look at joining https://www.facebook.com/groups/teslaownersuk/ which is a treasure trove of useful information and help about all aspects of the cars...

  5. The photo is beautiful. I became a big lover of Tesla cars when I saw this car for the first time. I am sure that everyone will agree that Tesla shows us how the future will look.


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