Food labels

Well, people put these traffic light things on food labels to make it easy for people that cannot think to see if something is good or bad for them!

But the labels are "per portion", so of course producers just make smaller recommended portions if their produce looks bad.

A 150g pack of crisps is labeled for 1/6th of a pack portions.
But its not like it is practical to re-seal it... I'll end up eating it all.


  1. Like the 30g portions in breakfast cereal, used to make the fat/salt content look less as it's per portion. 30g of cornflakes is tiny.

    Oh and the way they always treat RDA as a minimum, so 50% of the RDA of Salt is not considered bad.

  2. Oh and also there isn't any research to say too much salt is actually particularly that bad for you according to RevK i believe he said recently. It's just more than you need if you have more than the RDA

  3. wikipedia states "Some scientists believe that excess salt intake has no significant role in hypertension and coronary heart disease, as adults' kidneys are able to remove excess salt." which is a quote from BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/medical_notes/393201.stm

  4. Unashamedly a Ben Goldacre junkie, but I think I'll trust a Cochrane Review a bit more than a (significant) rewording of a quote from a media article on the subject.


  5. They do it the other way around too - some kid-friendly yoghurt thing was claiming to give some amazing amount of calcium "per portion", then bizarrely claiming in the small print that a portion was *two* pots...


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