Brave and trusting staff

Well, jimi is at his parents this week, and decided that he would try the new FireBrick PPPoE code at home. So upgrading software, remotely by many miles, reconfiguring for PPPoE on FireBrick and then on router and hoping for the best.

What can I say - it worked.

Well, technically it did not quite work, but worked well enough for us to fix a couple of slight buglets. But he is now on-line without having to drive back home.

I think he was very brave! But it does now mean we have the confidence to talk customers through this.

He also has native IPv6 "just working"® now.


  1. This has nothing to do with your post, so HAPPY NEW YEAR FAV BROTHER - IN -LAW ,I know it's early but don't want to miss sending you a message lots of love Pauline xxxxxxxxxx

  2. nice !
    just the kind of risky update/config/reboot I like to do esp when I'm 2,000km away in PL :D

  3. I see it like the Apollo re-entry when they all held their breath for 3 minutes waiting to re-establish contact!


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