Well, it's a new year, and what have we to look forward to?

To be honest I am quite optimistic. We have had a couple of years of things being hard work lately, but 2011 is looking good.

I suppose for me, for work, the biggest thing is the FireBricks. They have taken a year or two longer than any of us thought to get to this stage, and probably cost half a million so far, but finally they are working and people are buying them. Indeed we have to organise a launch party now! I think it is quite something for a small UK company (well, two small UK companies working together) to actually design and make a proper electronic high tech product that we can be proud of, from scratch.

We still have all the challenges with working with our favorite telco, but that has improved a lot - at least in some attitudes, so should be easier from now (thanks Ian). We have the capacity now to expand the business without any major headaches, at least for this coming year.

I see IPv6 as a challenge - to actually get it in to people's homes and businesses. Technically simple, obviously, but challenging none the less. We have an opportunity to become experts in IPv6 (some say we are already), and the FireBrick helps with that.

Of course we all have to deal with the increasingly meddlesome nanny state causing havoc. Lets hope we can try and educate them, especially on how the internet actually works.

It will be interesting for the family too - kids getting older (as they do, every year!). Who knows, one or two of them may find their own places this year - that will be strange.

Time marches on...

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