Another 20% off == VAT back

This time it is Burtons!


  1. actually I read that as

    20% off AND get the vat back

    but then I'm greedy hehe

  2. That's a perfectly legit way to read it, as 20% off does not mean the same as getting the VAT back - hence it must be two separate offers.

  3. I filling in the feedback form on their web site asking them to confirm it is 20% off, *and* the VAT back.

  4. But surely if they give you 20% off, they are giving you the VAT back?

    Item sells at £120
    VAT content is £20
    You buy item at £120 * 0.8 = £96
    You save £24, of which £20 is the VAT.

    So you do get the VAT back, with the bonus that you get a little more too.


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