Hmm, test or survey?


Interesting. And fun. And easy.

Some questions did not really allow the right answer. e.g. "Do you intend to make your network IPv6 ready before IPv4 exhaustion" - well, no, as I did that years ago. They should really avoid questions that make presumptions or allow that as an answer.

What is a tad odd is that it is in part a survey not a test, and that is not clear when you start. I can understand doing a survey. But I think it should be clearer.

I may do our own tests and certs. I am sure we can ask trickier ones :-)

I got to Sage and it seemed to have no more questions...

No sign of tests on "how to do an IPv6 traceroute" for example, which they list on the main page...

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  1. For traceroutes, etc see the "Daily Tests" panel on the left of the main page.

    I've got a 1st edition he.net Sage t-shirt - complete with "Terado" misspelling (not sure if they've fixed this on subsequent batches).


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