DHCPv6 working!!!!


OK, it seems this stupid router does not like being delegated a /64, even though it only has one interface. It wants bigger. It does not ask for bigger though.

Sending it a /48 and it accepts it!

It even delegates a /64 to the LAN via RADV.



  1. In a way it's a good thing that you have to assign a /48. I could imagine consumer ISPs assigning a single subnet to each customer, rather than giving them the proper /48. If it doesn't work, the ISPs won't be able to do it; they are thus protected from themselves. :-)

    It's quite funny that you have to do DHCP6 and SLAAC. I always wondered how we ended up with two separate protocols, rather than one protocol with multiple options.

    Does this router deal properly with other subnets, or does it just pick one and advertise it on the LAN?

  2. A /48 then only using a /64 is bad, very bad.
    It picks the first /64 and advertises!

    It is *NOT* working with a /56 or /60 even.

    And we are managing without SLAAC, phew!

  3. Congratulations :)

    Is there any way to make use of this... I'm guessing you'd need to get something like a firebrick, and then on top of that a stand alone ADSL model, and then on top of that a wifi access point....

    I've looked at some of the alternative router firmware such as openwrt but it's impossible to tell from their rather confused website if there are any routers that do all those 3 things that will work with it...

    I guess I just have to wait until some company decides to release a proper ipv6 modem/router/wifi

  4. We expect to have simple DSL routers that just do IPv6, maybe next month.

  5. Ah cool I'd probably buy one immediatly depending on price and what they are... I have ip6 working fine via a tunnel but this would be very much better

  6. Have you fed back to the Manufacturer about the problems with the Ipv6 implementation in the router?

    Hopefully it's something they'll fix with a firmware update.

  7. Yes, we are, of course, providing feedback on all the technical issues we are finding during the testing.

  8. Arrrg, damn thing will not do DHCPv6 in PPPoA mode.


  9. lol. Too funny :p

    The router manufacturers are just not ready at all, are they..

  10. I'll stick to IPv6oIPv4oPPPoE for now then :P

  11. Silly question; if you ask for a /64 on the LAN side of the router that demands a /48 WAN side(via DHCP-PD), does it give you one?

  12. In this case LAN side is RA, so no "ask" involved. You get a /64 it seems.

  13. Yes, but I'm trying to think of vaguely sane motivations for the "demand" a /48. If the router gets a /48 WAN side, RAs a /64 LAN side, and will DHCP-PD more prefixes to other LAN side devices, it starts to make sense.

    In particular, you can design home WiFi routers that request a /64 to advertise on their LAN side, knowing that the upstream should "never" have problems giving you a single IP on its LAN subnet, plus a subnet for you to advertise to your clients.


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