Well, I thought I'll sort a simple DHCPv6 on the LAN side first for testing. Not too hard. Apart from some power glitch at office meant I could not get started for a few hours...

Yeh, right...

I can't see how to send a gateway or even prefix length, so looks like devices have to have router announcement handling and DHCPv6 to work. So why would you have DHCPv6 in the first place. OK never mind.

Finally got it answering on the LAN and go for PPP side.

Of course the DHCPv6 is different coding for the two, and the PPP side is bypassing all the normal routing. Great, except it means doing the wrong things on the wrong processor. Eventually got it sending the IPv6 PPP DHCPv6 replies...

Now to see what the router makes of what I sent :-)


  1. Will you be wanting Beta Testers on this for those of us already on PPPoE? :-)

  2. Once I have the server side working with off-the-shelf routers I will then code the client side.

    PPPoE is not required.

  3. Well, just to confirm, we are sending nice DHCPv6 responses.

    The router does a solicit
    We do an advertise
    The router does a request
    We do a reply

    All fine.

    Then, a second later, the router sends a release for the IA_NA and IA_PD (separately).

    And that is it??!?!??

    Stupid bloody thing.


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