So, the old Internet gets another day!

I thought it would be today, though, to be fair, they did say 31st or 1st. I expect tomorrow now. They can't really put me on standby to talk to journalists and then mess me about. At the end of the day, right now, anything I say is as speculative as anyone else, hence posting it now. Not like there was an NDA or anything so formal.

Though, please, next person to say "ooh, look, less than 10 million IPs in IANA" needs shooting. The countdown is a made-up clock. It goes from 117,440,512 to 0 in an instant, and any number not a multiple of 16,777,216 is clearly made up, at least for now while it is just /8 blocks. The issue is the day it goes from 117,440,512 to 0 could have been any day from start of last December.

So, lets see - I suspect the "end of the Internet" is tomorrow...

The news that IPv4 is finally running out is not the end of the world - it simply marks a key milestone that will finally make people more aware of the issues. IPv6 has been around since 1995 and any modern computers simply work with IPv6 and IPv4. You don't have to switch over or take yourself off the internet to make use of IPv6, in spite of what some bad reporting in the press has said (yes, I mean you, fox news and news.com.au).

A home user with one of these new IPv6 routers will be able to access all of the internet, making use of IPv6 or IPv4 as needed and doing so behind the scenes with no fuss or complication.

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