Men, women, and technology

I risk being sexist here, but tell me if I am wrong...

My [step] daughter got FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet, really fast internet link) today in her new house.

BT engineer this morning, fits it all.

She has a FireBrick FB2700 pre-configured and labeled up ready...

She lets BT man finish, and, err, goes to work. Will plug it all in later when she gets home.


No man would have failed to plug in their new toy the millisecond the BT man finishes, and probably has it plugged in and waiting before he has finished...

Am I wrong?


  1. She went to work? I'd have had the day off

    Heck, I discharged myself from hospital to be there on the day of my FTTC install..

  2. Indeed. Even myself, who may have thought of this as "run of the mill", would have plugged in the brick and checked it worked before leaving. Having the box there and not just plugging it in would drive me nuts all day.

  3. Its worse than that - there is a not insignificant probability that if she didn't plug it in to see it working then it wouldn't work when she got home and the BT guy would have been and gone :)

  4. It's driven me nuts just reading about it. It is plugged in now, right? :)

  5. She has plugged it in now - it works...

  6. Plugging in requires crazy trust, or indifference.

    I would not have let the BT guy utter a single idea of leaving without getting what I deserve - paid for or not.

    But, I expect most of my idea of lack of trust of BT is down to their general incompetence rather than trust - have met some great BT engineers but also far more crap ones.

    Unfortunately, crap BT engineers outweight great ones. Its the great ones we want and need, BT as a business probably don't have a clue about this.


  7. so glad it works, why has she not got her internet via you X

  8. Err, Pauline, she has. This is an AAISP Fibre to The cabinet line.

  9. Why does her husband let her go out to work?

  10. Why do I get the feeling this could get nasty...

  11. It's not just men and women. I asked a well known domain registrar when they would support DNSSEC delegation for my .net domain. I got a vague answer that it would be implemented in the next couple of months.

    It's the biggest change to DNS that I can remember, and yet there is no excitement. If I was running a registrar, I'd be so excited about this that I'd have to make it work right away, regardless of any commercial considerations. :-)

    Sometimes I think we need to recreate the 1990s Internet. The traffic can be tunnelled over the 2010 Internet, but the higher level infrastructure can be run by people who actually care.

  12. Maybe she didn't need to update her Facebook status or harvest crops on her virtual farm... hence had no need for an Internet connection.


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