Sonim XP2.10 spirit 3G

Well, finally got one. It was not actually for me but my daughter, as she seems able to break a phone within seconds.

I am fed up with replacing them, especially as I can't find the receipt for the last one.  And of course borrowing her mum's phone while I sort it, she breaks that.

So, she gets an indestructible phone this time, and I don't care if it looks pretty or not.

The Sonim XP2.10 spirit looks perfect for the job.

Now, it is not a latest generation smart phone, so not touch screen or full keyboard, but is a pretty good conventional smart phone. Has email and web browsing, etc. Full colour display. 3Mpix camera. Looks like a pretty good phone.

Heck! this is a phone you could use in the shower as it is properly waterproof.

Main thing is the fact it is really tough, designed for builders to use, and has a 3 year unconditional guarantee.

Well I did not expect to be using the guarantee just yet - I have only had it since 08:15 today. But somehow my daughter has broken it before even touching it this time! (OK I can't really blame her this time). The display has gone all stripy. Arrrrg!

Well, I suppose we get to see how good their guarantee is... I'll report back.


  1. And first response - they suggest it needs the software re-flashed? I think not - this is clearly a hardware display controller fault.

  2. Ah, good, they will replace it.
    Not to find how we do that!

  3. They reckon it may take 24 hours for the support centre to even reply to me... Not a good start.

  4. Well no response from Sonim support centre or handtec support. It has taken longer to get a response to a ticket than get the phone in the first place.

    Not good.

  5. Fingers crossed Gee can't bugger this one up , but not gonna hold my breath lol , hope your ok fav brother-in-law xxxxx

  6. Well, she called it a brick, but did not want to give it back :-)

    I think it is quite a cool phone. I am just very unimpressed with their support.


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