Fun week

Well, two bank holidays for a start.

It also seems that the world and his wife have gone off to warmer/drier/saner countries on holiday too. Lets hope so. Half my staff are off.

Reading Beer Festival should be fun - we are involved in providing staff there with Internet connectivity and maybe a public hotspot as well.

According to the diary it also looks like I have another IPv6 talk as well on Thursday.

Busy busy busy.


  1. My boss hates next week.. a 3 day week that everyone who can has taken as holiday because they get 11 days for the price of 3.

    (I forgot to do this, or rather didn't work out the wheeze until too late).

  2. speaking of wheeze Tony you could have contracted a summer flu or some mysterious almost always deadly but quickly passing digestive condition say Regulus Nuptalis Nauseum and self certificated :D

    apart from anything else it would have been real and true!

    /me passes the bucket to Tony

    (sorry already half full)

  3. Hmmm, self certify 3 days is 11 days for the price of none. That is worrying.

  4. RevK said...

    Hmmm, self certify 3 days is 11 days for the price of none. That is worrying.

    INDEED !

    I wonder how many came up with that idea?
    (prob easily 1,000' or 10's of 1,000 is the worry)


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