Sounds like a plan...

It is increasingly the case that getting work done needs input from, or testing by, or some other interaction with, other people. This makes perfect sense when I have a team of people in the company. I used to have to do it all myself when it was just me, but not any more.

Sadly, not only is this long week a perfect opportunity to get work done without all those annoying customers ( :-) ) pestering me, but it seems most of the people I need to get the work done are also away. Arrrg. I suppose they are entitled to some time offer (damn nanny state :-) ).

Anyway, I have address picking back on the broadband ordering pages (without James's help), and even managed to get some synchronous dialogue services to BT WLR3 (without Paul's help). Well, technically Paul did help via irc a bit, and James did make a few comments through my study door last night. So fair play.

Maybe I need to give up on the whole "getting some work done" and lock myself in a room with some lucazade and gliclazide and World of Warcraft on a 30" Apple monitor and some Bose speakers... I really must sort 3D WoW some time... I wonder if novatech are open today... Hmmm


  1. I spent all day working and did not touch WoW. So much for that plan!

  2. http://www.berglas.org/Articles/parkinsons_law.pdf


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