I am slightly(?) non-conformist, as you may have noticed, and so owning unusual things (like an orc) is all part of that.

To me, personalising things is also part of it. Hence engravings on laptops, and so on. The fact I have a nice 35W CO2 laser helps with that, obviously. When I had a car, I had a personal number plate, and so on.

Now, my friend Kev is also a non conformist, and a pedant (more so than I!).

He does not have personalised number plate, and would not dream of having things engraved or personalised at all. Obviously entirely his choice and an area on which we agree to differ.

But I think what he is doing is taking non-conformism to a whole new level though. I think basically he does not want to be like all those other non-conformists out there. A sort of meta-non-conformist perhaps...



  1. If you want to be a meta-non-conformist yourself, you could always personalise your engraving machine. :-)

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkOpls-NMs8

    @1:10 Pretty terrible sound, but you get the idea


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