So other telcos have nice single points of failure too?


I have to say "scavenging for copper" sounds so innocent. Not like someone was actually digging up telecoms lines to sell the copper and was thwarted by finding a fibre inside, or anything like that :-)


  1. Was that what took Slough exchange out last week then?

  2. I'm still wondering if this Georgia story isn't an April fool that slipped through.

  3. Resiliency costs money...

    I guess it depends if the cost of an outage outweighs the cost of putting in and then maintaining a redundant system.

    That said anything mission critical should have sufficient resiliency to withstand such event and I'd say this qualifies as mission critical ;-).

    Sadly accountants often fail to understand the consequences of not having a proper resilient system in place and just see all the money that can be saved not buying the extra kit needed.

  4. Not sure where I read this but it makes sense - when talking to clients who don't know the industry very well and you start talking about redundancy, they then start asking things like "why do we need a spare - is what you're selling us no good, I thought you said it was enterprise class / top of the range - maybe we should consider someone elses equipment?" etc...


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