Sonim support staff cannot view web pages!

OK, sonim are seriously dragging their heels here with over a week just waiting for a returns number. This is not good service.

What is even more bizarre is that they apparently cannot view web pages. They asked what the problem was and I sent a URL for a picture of the damage. They asked about the IMEI I quoted, apparently having problems so I sent a URL for a picture of the serial number label with all of the details to be 100% sure I was not mistyping it.

It takes them a day to reply to that, and then they say they cannot view external links.

I have offered to sell them an internet connection that does allow them to view web pages. But what kind of Draconian company has email but not web acces?



  1. One where they are fed up with their staff spending all day commenting on blogs?

  2. Linksys support / RMA had similar, I needed to send them a picture of something.. forgotten what now, and they couldn't visit websites :(

  3. Well, debt collection agencies seem to be unable to receive emails with attachments.

    Plusnet were persuing me for an upaid debit of £0.00 (yes, zero. I repeat, zero) which after being passed to a collection agency grew to about £83.
    I attached all the plusnet chasers hassling me for £0.00 but they responded, by post, on 2 occasions saying that my emails had no attachments. I thus had to print them out and post them the emails!
    Hey ho.

  4. We need our staff to work! we can't have them wasting time online?

    What's that you say? actually hire good staff and manage them? Crazy.

  5. That's odd as when I needed to RMA a few years ago the guy who called me back had already looked at my website, found my flickr feed from it where I had posted a photo of the broken handset and pre-filled all the details (broken screen, yellow handset etc) which I thought was very efficient.

    I wonder if they've outsourced or changed their outsourcing company since then.

    Anyway... after my intro I hope you have enough contacts within Sonim to get this sorted quickly :)


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