Your email address is too unusual!

So what sort of dick heads are "breathing space"?

They wont sell me a new air con unit unless I tell them my normal email and phone number and simply cannot understand that the ones I told them are my normal they cannot cope.

They said my email address was unusual. Well, yes? In fact all email addresses are so unusual that they are unique. They totally failed to understand their system did not check against the actual rules for an email address but something totally made up.

There was no question that it was valid as they were emailed me on it. As is typical their contact pages accepted the email address that their order page would not.

As for the phone number, it is checked by the card validation process. I know, because we had to get the bank to make sure it was listed some time ago. The address is checked too, so why the hassle. Arrg.

Why the hell turn away business?? Mad - no wonder the economy is in a mess.


  1. breathing space are the sole reason the economy is in a mess.

  2. At least they didn't say it was for "Health and Safety reasons" or, worse still, "Data Protection"


  3. OK, decided what to do - i have a phone number in there area code a few digits from theirs, and a domain that is almost identical to theirs so an email address that is almost identical, and have re-ordered.

    They cannot argue that my email or phone number is in any way "unusual" now.

    I may sure for the cost of the number and domain once I get the goods as it is a financial consequence of their initial breach of contract. :-)

  4. Anyway, I will, if they keep details "on file" send a DPA request to correct my personal information though. To the original email and phone number.

  5. Well I can not order delivered pizza on any websites that use postcode based automatic address completion as the address on the postcode database is incorrect. So they always get the incorrect address and so card verification always fails.

    Thankfully they are not so stupid if you just call them and then is usually works.

  6. This is extra special... Email from them for new order...

    Your order has been updated to the following status:


    The comments for your order are:

    We are delighted to let you know that your order is being shipped today and should be delivered next working day by DPD couriers.

  7. Oh, and now they are out of stock, even though their web site shows them available still. What is the matter with these people?

  8. in what way is your email adddress not "usual"?

  9. Let me guess: username+breathingspace @ aprivatedomainname is way out of their acceptable range of e-mail addresses.

    I think there has been one lone 'web developer' when that was a new job description back in ~ 1996 who forgot to allow for a + on the lefthandside of an e-mail address and his code has been copied ever since.

  10. Initially the @e.gg in the domain killed it, but using something @stupidwebsitethatdoesotunderstandongdomain.e.gg caused a human to get upset.

  11. Or for more fun, something that exceeds 256 characters :)


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