3D printing of important things

What could be more important that the office coffee machine?

It holds a handful of beans normally and we are forever filling it up.

So I have printed this handy extension adding 40mm more height and holding a lot more beans.

The fun bit is that it took 3 hours to print. I have strung a broom handle from hooks on the ceiling to hold the reels of plastic. This meant, for a change, that this 3 hour print needed no intevention from me at all - it just worked. Needless to say that did not stop me watching it like a hawk waiting to see what was going to go wrong.

The end result fits perfectly and has a really solid 3mm thick wall.
(Printed in thanslucent PLA at 215C and 50mm/s feed rate)

P.S. Yes, 5 different people have told me about the BBC article on 3D chocolate printing.


  1. This is all very well, but edible creations need to be next on the agenda :)

  2. Adrian can you pleeeze spell Colombian right! ;-)

    Yes I know, as you said before, you can't spellcheck photos...

  3. Agree with you about the coffee machine being the most important thing in the office :-)

  4. To be fair - I did not do the label - I just did the plastic.

  5. "What could be more important that the office coffee machine?"
    - The office loo? :-)

    Cheers, Howard

  6. I have yet to contrive any loo related 3D printed objects, sorry... The day will come I am sure.

  7. This is a very good idea. 3D technology is now being used to different gadgets and other technologies. I also agree, the Office Loo. haha
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