BT invent time travel

In chasing BT since Friday on a fault I have had a couple of absolute gems I thought I would share...

Backwards time travel

They are saying they have to do a TPM (tie pair modification) because the port is down, but the logs confirm the TPM was ordered at 05:07am but the port did not stop working until 06:04am. So they must have invented time travel to use the port being down as the reason for the TPM being ordered.

Forwards time travel

They have decided that clocks stop for UK holidays. This is one we are going to have to research in the T&Cs somewhat. They say that the "40 clock hours" excludes UK public holidays. That seems crazy to me, but it might in fact be what the contract says. I'll report back on that. They have, of course, slightly shot themselves in the foot on this as today (25th) is not a UK public holiday (it is a religious festival, the public holidays are Monday and Tuesday), so that is not an excuse even if the T&Cs do exclude them.

Lets see how this one pans out. I have a more comprehensive and scathing blog post to follow on this when I get the wording right.


  1. I had a boss that would say "I want it done yesterday". I wonder if he went to work for BT..

    Christmas day is not a bank holiday but it is a public holiday (under common law IIRC). Unless BT make the distintion it'd be very difficult to argue they should work on that day.

  2. DTI say:-

    Substitute days

    When the usual date of a bank or public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, a 'substitute day' is given, normally the following Monday. For example in 2009, Boxing Day was on Saturday, 26 December, so there was a substitute bank holiday on Monday, 28 December.


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