What happened to Christmas this year?

OK, apparently it is not just me.

For a start, how is this evening not Christmas Eve? It feels like it. It seems somehow a 24 hour lul in the middle between now and proper Christmas. We finished work - we had pizza at lunch time - we put presents under the tree - we got pissed - we played with light sabres in 3D... It must be Christmas Eve.

Even so, Christmas seems to be broken this year some how - not the usual enthusiasm or anything. I have got a few key pressies for a few people, but it sort feels not very Christmassy at all.

Just not quite there. I am sure a lack of snow is not helping, but that is not unusual - snow next month I expect...

Well, I guess Merry New Year and a Happy Chistmassy thing to all of you...


  1. Very Christmassy round here, my kids are so excited they are crying over or fighting over everything, the tree is loaded with presents and I've seen I think everyone I intended to see except you and Alex.

    The festivities have been lacking this year, I usually attend about 5+ work parties in the run up, I've made none this year - think everyone's so busy trying to get up to date for Christmas we've forgotten to have fun.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family Adrian - my new years resolution is to call your wife by the right name!

  2. Happy Christmas RevK, I hope that you are feeling a little more festive today!

    Best Wishes from all at 2001:8b0:8c::/64

  3. Thanks. Still chasing BT as I have been since Friday night. I'll blog in more detail later.

  4. I found christmas a lot easier to deal with when I stopped beating myself up over the fact mine looked nothing like the ones on the adverts/TV/Movies..

    Got the booze lined up and will be suitably unconscious when the iceland reconstituted turkey thing turns up.. then back to normal tomorrow as SWMBO wants to hit the sales for a new laptop.. all over with minimal stress and only a small hangover.

  5. Well, helps with grandson - makes it more fun.


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