Sick day

So, had some sort of cold or something for a few weeks - general feeling grotty effect and I get the feeling I am not alone. Loads of people off work (and off school) with something similar, but I seem to have it pretty mild. Heck, I felt so rough last night I hardly drank anything!

What the hell I figure I can take a day off work as not feeling all the ticket. The boss won't mind - wait, that's me - ooops.

Never works does it? I have done coding, sorting billing issues, looking at packet dumps, answering questions from accountant, sorting loads of email, facetime to a customer (well, mate) for an hour, as much work as a normal day. And now I have a list of things still to do this evening, as usual.

The only good point really was I managed to not get up until 09:30. Win!

There are times when I remember being employed fondly. Not often, but this may be one of those occasions...

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  1. Hope your feeling better, and hope you pay yourself double time for working today lol xxx


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