Pushing boundaries

We are hitting limits on WBC links at present, typically around 10pm, and have more bandwidth coming on-line to BT at 11pm tonight.

Looks like we are well over a gigabit with BT and BE now, which is quite scary. I expect we will put more on next month and plan is to get even more before the Olympics start, and then see how it goes.

It is amazing how this has grown, from our first 2Mb/s BT link in Reading, the 8Mb/s and 34Mb/s BT Centrals. It seems only yesterday we had two 155Mb/s BT Central links, and now look at us!

I am pleased to say the FireBricks are scaling nicely to meet the challenge, and it is nice to see more and more small ISPs taking them on instead of the established alternatives. I should we worried, as it means A&A losing our edge, but to be honest, the more ISPs that can keep BT in line with our constant quality monitoring, the better. It is better for our customers overall, and that is what matters.

A&A would not be where it is today without FireBrick!


  1. Is there any mileage in setting up something so ISPs with bricks can (with agreement obviously) share and view aggregated and suitably anonimised data so as to make failed or dodgy exchanges more visible etc?

    1. Indeed, I have wondered about that too. We are sorting some making lists for customers and it may be something we can discuss.

  2. Doesn't surprise me these-days particularly when you are delivering 80Mbit - 330Mbit/s to end users.

    It will probably only get worse as more people get FTTC.etc, I would guess you start to see more bursty usage on the interconnects?

  3. Roll on FB60K with 10GB network ports :)
    Mind you at this rate you'll need 100GB networking :P


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