RIP Dorothy

Well, how do social taboos work? I assume that taking the 1DsMkIII and 70-200mm lens to a funeral is a no-no, yet to a wedding or a christening it is fine...

What is strange is that camera phones are not an issue, and pictures of the flowers, and so on, are all OK. Indeed, for reasons I will not go in to, it seems several people posted pictures on facebook of happy smiling faces of many people at the wake. You would think it was a party, if not for the suits and black ties.

Strange how some things go, but was the least cringeworthy funeral I have attended and I have to say very well done to Sandra and Pauline for organising it - they had a fine line in compromise with grandchildren having fond memories, and some others perhaps less fond. Cudos on the music, and well done.

Regardless, the loss of anyone is sad - R.I.P. Dorothy.

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