Man cave: Day 24

I'll stop doing the daily posts on this now. We are in to some final bits and decorator coming in and so on - and I may as well do a post with loads of pictures when finally all done.

Today was some little bits like the hole for old boiler flue in the back wall, fitting hinge bolts, that sort of thing. A couple of bits more still to do, including the sink. Sadly the decorator is not well today.

Some furniture has started to arrive, not the TV yet though. Sadly I think we are looking near end of week for decoration to all be finished. Not sure when the man is coming to box in the meters but might be this week.

Thank you all for following.


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    1. That is the idea - will be getting some bar stools... May have to get some bean bags or something for TV.

  2. Maybe the builders etc knew there was no point getting it ready for the Rugby World Cup since we'd be out before you settled down to your first pint.

  3. Dear Adrian,

    Can you hurry up and finish your building project so you can return to bitching about BT? :D

    1. Imagine the drop in BT service levels UK wide if he *does* retire!

    2. I'd happily take over the blog. I've got enough content to fill a few months with poor BT service!

    3. I can do the bitching about BT this week - bloody new phone line installed and dropping sync. Luckily Adrian's minions are on the case... just wish there was some way to stick a rocket up OpenWoe's arse!

  4. Could we have a couple of "where are we now" pics?


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