Man cave: Nearly

The good news is that we are nearly done - this week has been a lot of decorating. Few minor bits to do next week when some more wood stain comes in. Steve (the decorator) does a nice job.

So far the main snag is that the shelves over the bar cannot handle the weight, and the brackets actually started to bend. The solution is going to be some wood at the end to ensure it is more rigid and screwed to the wall. There was nearly a very messy whisky related incident as the shelf started to droop, but I was quick enough.

Not finished yet is the sink and taps plumbing in, and the boxing in of the meters, and the sofa arriving.  I have blinds to put up as well. Hopefully sink today, but the rest in just over a week. I'll do a blog post when all finished anyway, with more pictures, and a list of all the workmen involved and contact details.

For now, the room is in use (and that does mean James invaded yesterday to watch a LoL world championship, or something, on the big TV with half a dozen of his mates).

So my blog should return to normal a bit now.


  1. So what was your choice of whisky for the optics?
    I visited Scotland a few weeks ago and went on the tour of Delwhinnie and Oban. I picked up a bottle of Delwhinnie Winter's Gold which is very nice.
    Latest purchase is a bottle of Aberlour A'Bunadh Cask Strength which arrived yesterday and very different.

    1. Definitely not that one! I have several on there from SWMS

  2. So the floating shelves aren't strong enough? What a surprise, there's a reason most people use shelf brackets.

    1. The big shelf works and I can can my weight from, so they /can/ work. Sadly not all of them do.

    2. As a solution for the shelf did you consider storing fewer bottles of whisky?

      Okay, maybe not.

  3. Looks awesome - best hope the other floating shelves behind the TV can cope too?

  4. what are the make/model of those mesh chairs in the 1st and 2nd pictures please?


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