More mis-selling from Sky Q?

So, I was mis-sold Sky Q system on the basis that you could actually watch recorded content on more than 2 Sky Q mini boxes at once. I have the call recording.

Now I find I was further mis-sold. Sky clearly say that Sky Q does UHD (4K). The web site says "Watch the widest range of entertainment in Ultra HD, only with Sky Q. With up to four times the definition of HD, enjoy more than 70 movies on demand, 124 live Premier League matches and a wide selection of natural history documentaries and original Sky dramas."

The Sky Q mini is described as "Small but powerful. Simply plug in the Sky Q Mini box to watch shows and recordings from your main Sky Q box in another room in your home."

But it turns out only the main box does UHD and not on the Sky Q mini boxes.

I cannot see this restriction on the Sky web site even in the technical details.

I am starting to get rather pissed off now.


  1. Not sure where you were looking for technical details but https://corporate.sky.com/documents/sky-q-2015/fact-sheet-sky-q-mini.pdf states that the Sky Q Mini outputs as

    • 4:3, 16:9 aspect ratio support
    • Video resolution supported: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p

    1. The main sales pages don't seem to mention, I did not find that document. But the bit advertising the Sky Q package does not state the limitation clearly and neither does the bit advertising the UHD feature. I do feel cheated here.

  2. I think you may have a case with the Advertising Standards Authority (or whatever they are now). Lack of clarity around the restrictions of an advertised feature is the sort of thing they look at (or at least used to).

  3. It's a shame - 2 of the 12 tuners in the main box are dedicated to streaming to the mini boxes, which is where the limit of 2 comes from - although tuner number 12 is "reserved for future use" apparently, so it's possibly a future firmware update could raise the limit. In particular, right now it has 2 dedicated to mini box streaming, 2 for streaming to tablets and another spare; it shouldn't be too hard for a future update to rearrange that to a pool of 5 tuners serving 5 streaming clients of either type.

    I've actually been very happy with Q so far - more flexible recording and viewing, better controls than SkyHD, no need to get coax to the other boxes any more, and nicer looking boxes too. The main box has hung on me twice now, though, which is a little irritating; much more of that, I'll have to start looking into workarounds.

    4K on the mini boxes might not be an option, though: anyone know the SOC they're using? It sounds like it may genuinely only be capable of generating a 1080p output at best, so 4K support would require new hardware not just a firmware update.


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