Droney McDroneface: Flight test

Today was the flight test - I had to show that I could operate the aircraft safely and follow the operations manual.

We got a rather nice Phantom 4 specific carry case which takes the cased Phantom 4, four batteries in LiPo bags, first aid kit, clip boards, pens, etc, and is a back pack. Ideal for the job.

There were several manoeuvres I had to complete, and the only one I messed up slightly was flying in a square in attitude mode (where the wind can blow you off course). I was lucky there was almost no wind, but still had to do that bit twice. It was a hot day!

But yes, I passed!

I am now a certified Small Unmanned Aircraft Pilot.

Next step is company sending in application to the CAA for the Permission for Aerial WorksCommercial Operations, which can take 6 weeks or so. Then we'll be able to do commercial work. In the mean time, Alex is going to practice to do his test. I think he will have no problem.

I have one non commercial job in in a few weeks, so before I get the PFAWPFCO, which is my daughter's wedding reception. Should be fun.

Update: New Air Navigation Order comes in to effect on 25th, changes Aerial Works to Commercial Operations.

Update: CAA application sent off, now to wait around 6 weeks :-(


  1. Probably a bit late now, but for some CAA things you can go to Gatwick and actually do it in person on a same day service - not sure if that would be possible in this case (e.g. they don't do it for initial fixed wing pilot's license issues), but for things where it is it's far more convenient than waiting the ridiculous number of weeks...


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