Oddly the prescriptions I collect all appear to be "paper". They even make me sign the back of the paper to say why I don't pay. They are far from "paperless", just the paper is printed at the pharmacy not the doctor's surgery. Also, I find a certain irony in that the icon/symbol for the "paperless" aspect is an "envelope", now seen much as an icon for (paperless) "email" but in fact a symbol of a paper envelope to contain a paper letter.


  1. I haven't had a paper prescription for nearly 10 years. All my repeat prescriptions are requested just by ticking an online box (pharmacy2u) and they duly arrive in the post a couple of days later. (... and, being old, it costs nothing!)
    Some surgeries seem very slow to come to terms with new technology!

    1. Sorry, don't get me wrong, it is "electronically" sent from surgery to pharmacy, after I tick a box on the patient access web site. Just that when you get that actual medicine there is a paper prescription the pharmacy has printed than needs signing to say why I don't have to pay.

    2. I don't have to go to the pharmacy to get it though! It just arrives in the post. (There is a bit of paper in the box though listing the contents!)


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