Today's recipe: Curry Pot Noodle

Well, I have done a cheese on toast that involves bread, a toaster and cheese. I have done chicken soup that involves "a can of chick soup" and a microwave. So today's main ingredient is, you guessed it, an original curry flavour pot noodle.

But pot noodles are not without some controversy I think. For a start there are those that consider them to be some sort of inedible concoction from the bowels of hell, or some such. Mostly I like them, not all of the flavours though.

Another controversy is when to have one. Well, any time, and now is breakfast! Well, I say breakfast, which I guess is technically true, I have been up for about 5 hours so far, so getting hungry.

But what else is controversial?

The issue here is whether you make it as above, adding water, and leaving the noodles whole as long noodles that need a fork or some such, much like spaghetti, or do you mash them down a bit so the noodles are broken up as below. I do the later.

Then, do you add anything? Well, a good start is a few bacon flavour bits...

And, especially for the curry flavour pot noodle, I like quite a few chilli flakes...

Of course, you guessed it, a small amount of marmite...

And the original sauce...

Then hot water, but this is where again things may be a bit controversial...

There is a "fill line" and that works quite well, but some people like way less water making the final result extremely thick - i.e. you could turn it upside down and nothing fall out. My grandson likes pot noodles like this, and not just because he can easily knock them over. Make them "properly" and he'll look at you like you have lost the plot and don't know how to "cook".

On the other hand some people like way more water and it ends up more like a soup.

I like it just below the line...

Stir, and leave for a minute.



  1. Got to be Beef & Tomato with an extra squirt of ketchup

  2. I think I can see a pattern in your recipes.....

  3. Add Bisto gravy granuals to Beef & Tomato for extra thick and meaty flavour.

  4. How many different marmite pits do you have??


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