Why? apple

A month ago we ordered an iPhone X with Apple business.

For the whole month, even yesterday, they were still saying they could not say when it would arrive.


But yesterday, if you try on-line on normal Apple Retail they offer to deliver in just over a week and have stores listed with stock you can collect?

So how can a month old order be behind that? What the hell is going on?

Well, Phil, at the office, gave the guy at apple some grief. It is ridiculous, and he went and found one from stock in the store. Thanks to Phil for popping to Reading to get it. Was the original order ever going to deliver? No idea, but this is a shambles Apple, a total shambles.

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  1. It's all over. Tim Cook uses his position at Apple to promote his personal crusades and has clearly abdicated responsibility for Quality Control.

    They will get another few years out of screwing the same folks for more money but the wheels are off the wagon.

    Thankfully I have owned a MacBook Air from the golden age so I know how good they can be.

    Thank goodness Linux is still making progress on the Desktop and can actually provide something that works.



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