Upgrading the scales to WiFi and RFID

I have now taken things a bit further with my scales upgrade. Not just WiFi, but RFID as well.

This means that instead of pressing send, you tap a card or key fob on the scales.

The scales then send the weight and card ID over HTTPS to a server that puts the details in a database. My previous video showed that I connected a wire to the SEND key for this reason. As it happens it needs a small diode in line so the processor does not get upset at power on, but other than that it works as planned, and was pretty simple.

This is great when the scales are used by everyone in the family, and the next step is some nice graphs and so on. James is working on that.

Of course, whilst this is fun, this suddenly starts to have GDPR implications. For "personal" use we are probably fine, but the second you extend it (e.g. taking to Slimming World to show off, as James is planning) you create fun an games with GDPR. I  can see the "SEND" button being re-labelled "CONSENT" and the privacy policy being labelled on the scales as well.

None the less, a good proof of concept and a fun tech project. I wonder if Slimming World, or Weight Watchers, and Marsden, are interested in teaming up with us and making a complete package. Saves taking laptops to meetings, and the cards are easy to brand :-)

This is how it is done...


  1. yo mama so fat her weight caused a buffer overflow on my RFID scale

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