Then end is nigh... APNIC first RIR for fall!

APNIC have 1.03 /8's left.

When they get to below 1.00 /8's they have in effect run out or IPv4 addresses as each ISP can then only get one more block of 1024 more addresses.

If they are not in to that by tomorrow I will be amazed.

Now is when we will see that region deploying IPv6 only services and the rest of the world better catch up damn quick.

Remember, whilst the RIR running out is not quite the end, as the ISPs have space, it means no news ISPs in APNIC getting usable amounts of IPv4, and the ones that have IPv4 now will have told APNIC what then need for 3 to 6 months and so should run out themselves quite soon.

P.S. Slightly amusing that the spell checker on the iPad turns APNIC in to PANIC...

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  1. I raised these points on an internal blog post by BT's Tony Flury, who is responsible for leading IPv6 deployment on 21CN core infrastructure (perhaps he's reading!).

    I pointed out the (currently minimal) existence of IPv6 only services and suggested that the accelerated depletion of IPv4 addresses in Asia particularly would soon make it easy to claim that BT do not provide access to the entire Internet.

    Interesting to see that this is happening even sooner than I expected.


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