A&A B2B XML gateway and IPv6

I am keen to progress the idea of a B2B gateway for dealing with A&A.

The first stage is to put a front end on clueless that allows people to get an XML of their existing services, and send it back, modified, with new lines, ceased lines, domains, VoIP numbers, mobiles, all sorts.

Then it presents a formal XML order for anything chargeable which is then confirmed by XML.

A proper B2B XML gateway allowing chargeable and non-chargeable changes by automated systems.

Then we make a new javascript XML front end ordering system that uses it.

All good stuff.

But why not make all of that IPv6 only?

That would mean there is a real, serious, business application that is IPv6 only.

All of the idiots spouting "We have plenty of IPv4" will finally get the message when their customers say "we want to use the A&A B2B gateway and cannot"....

Well, we can hope.

Work progresses on the design.

Comments welcome.


  1. Apparent the world of warcraft test server now supports ipv6 connections. It's not yet ipv6 only though as far as I know.

  2. ipv6 makes sense - can't keep supporting legacy protocols forever..

  3. The problem is that I suspect the majority of people wanting to do B2B stuff with A&A are already going to be on an A&A connection, and for those that aren't it's possibly a motivation for the other provider to *not* do ipv6, as that way their customer buys things from them and not A&A ;)

  4. Well, it is an interesting idea that any telco would hamper their customers communications with a competing telco - that could be something to discuss with OFCOM even :-)

  5. Yeah, but you know what Ofcom are like, they will say you have to compromise by running the service on IPv4

  6. Indeed, and if that is what they want then they can give me IPv4 space for the purpose :-)

  7. But you have the IPv4 space now (and even if you don't, I'm about to release a /27 and a /28 back to you). If you elect not to allocate it now for a project which is being planned now, any sane person would claim that you deliberately engineered the situation in which competition arose and therefore brought it upon yourself.

    Of course, Ofcom and the courts frequently demonstrate that their sanity is questionable....

  8. You might want to at least make the Bill paying functions available from the legacy internet.

    Don't want people using it as an excuse for not paying their bills.

  9. I'm up for IPv6 only...

    IPv6 at home: check
    IPv6 at work: check
    IPv6 on my 3G: check

    I'm all good. :)


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