iPad2 is way fragile (pic)

The number of times I dropped my iPad and no problems, dented auliminium case, but glass intact...

Dropped iPad2 around 1m on to wooden floor. Case not dented but glass is smashed.


Basically I was folding the cover over the top, as you do, holding iPad with one hand and moving cover with the other. The cover detached (magnets) and as this was unexpected I droped the iPad on the floor. Crack.


  1. You and your crew really like to break things, huh?

  2. And this is where getting a tablet that has "gorilla glass" would have made far more sense (for instance the Xoom). That'll teach you to buy a big iPod :p

  3. Are you sure you're not related to Father Liam Deliverance


  4. Not your choice? Did someone kidnap your family on pain of you buying one? Were you threatened with physical harm unless you bought one?

    Clearly someone is keen to drive up sales figures if either scenario is true.

  5. http://james.e.gg/full.cgi/100360.jpg


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