Man cave: Day 23

Yes, well over a month now, and still not quite finished. I think we have a day of carpenter/builder work and the rest is decorator during the week.

The decorator is being very helpful and finishing one side of the room with the work benches first so I can move some stuff in while he sorts the other end. We have the work bench all stained and oiled now, and the ceiling is all painted - so I just need that wall painted.

The outside door has stain and varnish now, so protected.

The internal door frame has warped a tad and they are sorting that, but I do have skirting board and architrave now, and even a window sill.

I have some stuff being delivered on Monday, but now the ceiling is done the decorator is happy with stuff under a dust sheet in middle of room! I need to get some bar stools and some blinds for the window.

Note to self (well, to Paul/Callum):
  • Fill bricks where boiler flue and aircon were located in back wall
  • Fill hole outside external door which was dug to check foundations
  • Fix internal door frame so door closes properly
  • Fit door stop around internal door
  • Fit door step to utility room
  • Fit skirting/architrave on utility room side of internal door
  • Install concealed door closer in external door
  • Install hinge bolts on both doors
  • Patch plasterboard on bottom shelf
  • Screw down work bench to brackets
  • Fit power strips under work bench (I can probably do that)
  • Fit sink and (correct) tap
  • Box in meters (checking rules on gas pipe ventilation)

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  1. Are the windows triple glazed? They look like it in the photo with the spirit levels.


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