I am not planning to retire, well, not yet.

However, the last month has been an interesting exercise - I have been watching over builders all month and not going in to the office. Doing so for a whole month has been quite an interesting test.

Well, mostly - I have had to pop in on several occasions for various things. I also now have a long list of work I have to get done (mostly coding related to some extent).

Most of the day to day management and hiring and firing stuff has managed to be done without me for the most part, which is good.

I suspect the next step will be trying to do what work I need and/or want to do, but mostly from Binfield Engineering Centre where possible.

In the mean time I have a busy couple of weeks catching up on stuff before I go on holiday.

I can't imagine I will ever properly retire.

P.S. Just went to do one of the coding jobs I had been putting off - need to add an option to change the ICMP IP address used in trace routes through L2TP. Was not looking forward to it. Looked at the code only to find that there is already a flag in the code and the config and the documentation to make it do just that - I had coded it that way in the first place. Well, that is one job done :-)


  1. Like good old programs from the DOS-era then, you'll just terminate and stay resident! I'll get my coat...

  2. Sounds like you're ready to take a step back somewhat, whilst still keeping your finger on the pulse. Why not instigate working a Wednesday in the office and the rest from home? That might give a good balance.
    Always good to know that the business will go on without you, alebit with your hand on the tiller from afar.
    I don't ever see myself retiring - I'll either die in harness or just keep doing what I do an enjoying it.

  3. Not retiring is good, as it means you've got your work-life truly sorted out properly so as to be enduringly a joy.

    I wish I had a job, would have to be well enough first of course.


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