The blue M&M test

There is a famous story of the Van Halen concert contract requiring the removal of some M&Ms. It is a test to confirm that the contract had been read properly. Clever idea. More on that at snopes.

However, I first encountered it from a friend who referred to it as "The blue M&M test" and explained the story, which I indeed thought was clever.

But there is a problem! As you can see from the Snopes article, the actual story is that they banned brown M&Ms, not blue ones.

So where did this come from? Well, my friend is adamant he always heard it as blue.

Try googling.

Yep, 2 results. Guess what they are? My blog!

Sounds like my friend did not read the contract properly, and so failed the test :-)


  1. There is yet another Internet rumour that RevK and Bloor are the same person a bit like "Higgins was actually Robin Masters"

    I don't believe this for one second, but feel it my duty to propagate it.

    luckily,hardly anyone will read it here ;)

  2. Ah
    But you only get two results if you put it in quotes, leave the quotes out and you get a lot more

    1. Well, obviously, as that gets hits for the brown M&Ms test, and for M&Ms, and for things blue (especially M&Ms).

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  4. For anyone not done so, in the Snopes article check the story relating to the bouncy stage floor...


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